Category Correction

Category errors is a huge problem for businesses. It can cause negative brand perception and decreased conversions. Artifica detects and corrects misidified and uncategorized products.

Attribute Correction

By leveraging Artifica's attribute correction, businesses can optimize product organization, improve searchability, and provide customers with precisely what they need.

Content Generation

Artifica can produce title and headline for your listings in seconds. This drives organic traffic, boosts online visibility, and ultimately leads to increased brand exposure and customer acquisition.

Wrong Titles, Descriptions & Categories in E-commerce

In e-commerce, accurate and compelling product listings are vital for success. The title, description, and category form the foundation of effective listings. Neglecting these can result in missed opportunities, decreased visibility, and dissatisfied customers.

Quality & Efficience

Power of AI

Artifica interface features a user-friendly design with a bird's eye view dashboard and detailed view product tabs. It solves all category and attribute errors, and you can generate product content in one click.

How Artifica Works?



Client sends XML file or we get product details via API.



The categories and contents of the products are checked.



Defective products are detected and sent to you as feedback.


Bulk Fixes

Category errors and content productions are made in bulk.

Don't Lose Any Customers

Give Them Better Shopping Experience with Artifica


Product Accuracy

With Artifica you can list your products accurately, and your customers can find products they want to find easily.


SEO Friendly Content

Artifica can boost your products’ visibility via generating SEO-friendly contents product title and descriptions.



With SEO-compatible product content, and correct categorization provided by Artifica you boost your sales.


Decrease in Costs

With Artifica, you decrease in operational product check costs, categorize your products correctly in minutes.


Customer Happiness

Thanks to Artifica, accurate product descriptions and easy navigation increase the satisfaction of your customers.


Decrease Returns

Matching product attributes with their descriptions leads to reduced return rates and improve your store experience.

Let Artificial Intelligence Solve the Problems of Your E-commerce Business

No Credit Card Required

Easy Integration

A system that you can integrate into your workflow in seconds.

Secure & Private Data

Your product data stays safe with us.

Free Training

We will help you to integrate easily with Artifica.


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    Our Pricing Plans

    Choose the plan that best suits your business.


    10 lines min
    $ 250 99
    /mo per user
    • 5.000 Product Limit
    • Category Prediction
    • Attributes Prediction
    • Title Analysis (Word Count, Spelling Check)
    • Description Analysis (Word Count, Spelling Check)
    • Image Analysis


    10 lines min
    $ 1250 99
    • 50.000 Product Limit
    • Category Prediction
    • Attributes Prediction
    • Title Analysis (Word Count, Spelling Check)
    • Description Analysis (Word Count, Spelling Check)
    • Image Analysis

    Pay as You Go

    10 lines min
    $ 0,35 99
    /mo per user
    • Pay by Number of Products Each Month
    • Category Prediction
    • Attributes Prediction
    • Title Analysis (Word Count, Spelling Check)
    • Description Analysis (Word Count, Spelling Check)
    • Image Analysis

    Solve categorization problems, generate SEO-compatible product content in seconds

    Do All This with a Simple Integration


    What is Artifica?

    Artifica is an AI-driven platform designed to meet the specific requirements of e-commerce companies such as category and attribute correction and content generation. In this way it aims to save e-commerce companies money and time.

    What does Artifica offer to e-commerce businesses?

    Artifica provides solutions that utilize artificial intelligence technologies for product categorization, product content generation, and automatic correction, among other features.

    Is Artifica suitable for businesses of all sizes?

    Yes, Artifica caters to businesses of various sizes, including small, medium, and large enterprises. Its scalable and adaptable nature allows it to meet categorization and content needs of diverse e-commerce businesses.

    Can Artifica generate SEO-compatible product content, and how does it work?

    Yes, Artifica utilizes GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology to generate SEO-friendly product titles and content. This feature ensures that product listings are optimized for search engines, increasing their visibility and potential reach to customers.

    How does Artifica integrate with e-commerce platforms and mono-brands?

    Artifica simplifies integration with e-commerce platforms and mono-brands through its user-friendly interface and integration tools. With API or XML file, products listings transferred inside the platforms.

    How does Artifica help in detecting and correcting misidentified and uncategorized products?

    Artifica’s AI-powered system is capable of analyzing product data and identifying items that have been mislabeled or placed in the wrong category. It automatically corrects these errors, ensuring that customers can access the correct information about the product listings.