Product Categorization

With the correct categorization of your products, your customers will access the products they search more easily. You will also optimise your product feed for ads.




Success Rate


AI Model Count



Product categorization tool supports 130+ languages and uses 7 unique  AI models to detect the product category over 3.797 categories.


The predictions have an accuracy of %93.


All details of the product such as images, title, description and attributes are analysed by seperate AI models to determine the best category for the product.

Play with product categorization tool

Enter your product name and description to see which category we suggest for your product

Please note that this demo feature do not analyse product images.
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Content Analysis

By analyzing the content, you can fix the content errors with AI and have the best SEO optimized content for your product.

All details of the product are used in the best way to generate a SEO-friendly title and description for your product using e-commerce optimised AI.


It also suggests the best title and description for your product in 130+ languages


You can regenerate the content multiple times, until you are happy with the result.

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